First Look at Celine Dion Florida Waterpark Mansion

Hello friends! I'm sorry for not posting for so long in this real estate and homemaking blog. I'm very busy taking care of My Regency blog. I'm so grateful that despite my inability to post frequently, some friends do visit here. For today, let's take a first look at Celine Dion's Florida waterpark mansion. It's really a unique home to the most famous diva. The value of this mansion? It's $20 million.

According to Daily Mail website, "The mansion is on Jupiter Island, which is where some of the wealthiest people in the US live, including disgraced golfer Tiger Woods." Isn't interesting? Furthermore, the house has eight bedrooms split up in two guest rooms with a 460-square feet wardrobe area and a gym in the beach side cabana. Just let your mind to the first look at Celine Dion's Florida waterpark mansion. Or look at these pictures of the said waterpark mansion of Celine Dion.

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Dog Blog Regency Homes

I live in one of the regency homes around the northern part of the country. I am Enzo and someone lives with me downstairs named Ice. My birthday is this coming December 12. I love going outside, eating my favorite grilled pork with rice, and barking all around the village when passersby come along the street. I also love searching for things to play with like handkerchiefs, accessories, ribbons, baskets, and even papers. My love love owners will then scold me with matching fake spanking.
Every morning, I will wake up early and tag along my love love owners so that we can go outside and play. I love seeing our neighbors ogling at me because I am a beautiful dog. Until next time!

It's me, Enzo.

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Red Box Greenbelt, Makati City Experience

Red Box is an exclusive state-of-the-art videoke bar along Greenbelt in Makati City. Their guests, which usually come in groups, will enjoy separate rooms for their karaoke sessions. Overall, the place is nice since it is made with exclusivity and enjoyment in mind. The color of the walls matches the singing soul, may it be classic songs or popular music. There is also a billiard table every karaoke room for the guests to enjoy. The fun part is the free flowing drinks and the eat-all-you-can feel of the ambiance. Most of my office-mates admitted that their grilled pork is very delicious.
I really enjoyed the party that night. I was lucky enough that I was not late although I left home later than the scheduled departure. I also enjoyed hiking from HV de la Costa to Greenbelt with office-mates! It's a wonderful Saturday evening.

I would like to share some pictures here of the activity here.

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What Parents Should Know About Invisalign Teen

Invisalign dental treatment is the latest technology relating to dental care. The purpose of having an invisalign dental treatment is to have a clear perfect smile. Most teenagers want to look their best and it includes having a perfect smile. We know that traditional braces are still used nowadays, but using invisalign treatment is the best alternative of the same. When it comes to price, the amount shelled out for invisalign treatment is just comparable to traditional braces expenses. The use of traditional braces is also longer and would last up to two years, while invisalign treatment would only require 9 to 18 months treatment. In the US, most teens are already using invisalign trays and are on regular visit with their orthodontist.

So, here's the best part. We will know the meaning of invisalign treatment here in this post. According to most orthodontist blogs, invisalign treatment will consist of a series of aligners that you switch out about every two weeks. Each aligner is individually manufactured with exact calculations to gradually shift your teeth into place. And since your Invisalign system is custom-made for your teeth and your teeth only, with a plan devised by you and your dentist or orthodontist, you know you'll end up with a smile that truly fits. Doctors will also inform their patients to take off their patient's trays before eating and clean them afterwards. Before putting back the trays in the teeth, it is also necessary to brush teeth using fluoride toothpaste and also use dental floss. when drinking water, it is alright not to remove the trays. The next thing to consider is the pain felt after applying each tray given by the doctor every appointment time or visit. Most patients mentioned in their blogs that the pain is bearable anyway after putting a few invisalign trays. After the treatment process, the patient will surely have an aligned teeth and a perfect smile. So parents, it's time to decide for your teens' invisalign treatment.

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Snail House Design

I came across with a house design, actually it is a snail house design. The house design is unique and beautiful. I have never seen a design as novel as it is. The color of the house should be white, or off white to make it very attractive. The surroundings must also be landscaped, as if a snail is crawling in there. Different kinds of plants, ornaments, and flowers should be planted then.

Let us imagine the home interior design for a snail house design. The dining room, kitchen, and bedroom should be very elegant and clean. I have seen a picture of the interior design of the snail house and all rooms are filled with cabinets. The color of the bed sheet is also lilac which added a beautiful accent in the house. Building a snail house may be very expensive, but it is worthy to dream of. Here is a picture of the snail house design.

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Most Futuristic House Design

I found this beautiful futuristic house design while surfing in the internet. I would like to share it to you via the regency homes karen blog. The color of the house is white and the surrounding environment is landscaped to match the whole structure. I love the idea of adding green color in the whole design, like the green leaves and plants all over the place. It is like the green, green grass of 2080 home!

I know that it is very expensive to build this kind of house. But if you are looking for a unique house design and can afford this one, you already have the idea by just looking at the picture. There is also a need of large space and peaceful surrounding to build the most futuristic house design featured here. The swimming pool is also located inside the house. But wait, I do not know where the TV is placed. It is up to the owner of the house.

Have a nice day!

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How To Be Organized In Your Home

Seeing clutter everywhere our homes is not a good time. Oftentimes, it is a cause of worry, anger, boredom, and being irritable. It also reflects that your home is not that clean as you wanted it to be. In that case, there should be a system in order to make your home organized.

There are three things that should be remembered on a question: how to be organized in your home. These areas include clothing arrangement, tools and other things needed at home, and the arrangement of home furniture and appliances. First, there is a need to put up a cabinet for your clothes including all family members. In that same cabinet, clothes must be arranged in accordance with design, purpose, and even color. Second, we should prepare a cabinet where we place all our tools and other things needed at home. And third, we should arrange our home furniture and appliances depending on the interior design of our home.

This job is not easy to do. But, our inspiration should be the idea of having a clean and organized place to live. Remember, cleanliness is next to Godliness. Finally, we must teach our children the same principles.

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Job Hunting Today

There are many individuals who are jobless nowadays. Some fresh graduates are still looking for a job. In fact, I still see some young men and women bringing some folders in the streets who are obviously looking for a job.

There are ways on how to find a job so easily. There are three useful websites in doing so. The first one is Jobstreet. The second one is Jobsdb and the last one is Best Jobs. Just try to search via goole over these sites and you will find some companies that are looking for fresh talents and workers.

I hope you enjoy your job hunting. Have a nice day!

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Regency Homes Karen

I started this blog because of my penchant to houses and building homes. We noticed that building homes and houses is still a trend despite news of economic downturn. Anywhere in the world, thousands if not millions of homes are built everyday. Even Donald Trump is still up for his real estate projects. We see that in "The Apprentice" wherein he is a host.

We will feature in this blog the real estate industry in general, home building, home making, gardening and landscaping and other related topics. We also feature houses for sale and photos of houses. I hope we can build a huge readership for this blog and share ideas. Have a nice day!

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