Snail House Design

I came across with a house design, actually it is a snail house design. The house design is unique and beautiful. I have never seen a design as novel as it is. The color of the house should be white, or off white to make it very attractive. The surroundings must also be landscaped, as if a snail is crawling in there. Different kinds of plants, ornaments, and flowers should be planted then.

Let us imagine the home interior design for a snail house design. The dining room, kitchen, and bedroom should be very elegant and clean. I have seen a picture of the interior design of the snail house and all rooms are filled with cabinets. The color of the bed sheet is also lilac which added a beautiful accent in the house. Building a snail house may be very expensive, but it is worthy to dream of. Here is a picture of the snail house design.


Jim said...

Wow! I love this house design. I'm thinking of having the same house in Canada for my family. We will be migrating there next year since I chose to be a Canadian professional. Our kids were so excited! Now, I always meet with our immigration consultant to help me prepare. Thanks for sharing the inspiring post!

charlesalvarez23 said...

Whoa! It was really incredible and this snail house was really unusual and it was an honor for me to see this gorgeous house. The architect was really brilliant. Thank you for sharing this cool stuff. God bless.

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Diane Gonzales said...

I love the design of this house. The ingenuity of the architect is obvious.

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Karen Joy said...

Awesome house design! I like the snail house, since it is one of the most modern and innovative designs that I've seen so far.

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Thanks for sharing the awesome blog! Can't wait to read the next post.