Most Futuristic House Design

I found this beautiful futuristic house design while surfing in the internet. I would like to share it to you via the regency homes karen blog. The color of the house is white and the surrounding environment is landscaped to match the whole structure. I love the idea of adding green color in the whole design, like the green leaves and plants all over the place. It is like the green, green grass of 2080 home!

I know that it is very expensive to build this kind of house. But if you are looking for a unique house design and can afford this one, you already have the idea by just looking at the picture. There is also a need of large space and peaceful surrounding to build the most futuristic house design featured here. The swimming pool is also located inside the house. But wait, I do not know where the TV is placed. It is up to the owner of the house.

Have a nice day!


Karen Joy said...

I love this photo of a futuristic house. Maybe, this could be a perfect backdrop of pre-nup picture taking. But, it's necessary to find similar house in the metro.

Anyway, my cousin would love to have her pre-nup photos taken with a modern house as backdrop. Thankfully, her favorite Tagaytay Digital Photographer suggested a better concept. With that, she's so happy and inspired!

Trendy Karen said...

The house is clean-looking and modern. I love the design. Just like the beautiful hotels in our area, I like the green grass and scenic background.

Many Cavite resorts are built in the most exquisite way. That's why our family love to visit a Cavite resort named Mount Sea Resorts in Cavite instead of going to other places. Thanks for the inspiring post!