Red Box Greenbelt, Makati City Experience

Red Box is an exclusive state-of-the-art videoke bar along Greenbelt in Makati City. Their guests, which usually come in groups, will enjoy separate rooms for their karaoke sessions. Overall, the place is nice since it is made with exclusivity and enjoyment in mind. The color of the walls matches the singing soul, may it be classic songs or popular music. There is also a billiard table every karaoke room for the guests to enjoy. The fun part is the free flowing drinks and the eat-all-you-can feel of the ambiance. Most of my office-mates admitted that their grilled pork is very delicious.
I really enjoyed the party that night. I was lucky enough that I was not late although I left home later than the scheduled departure. I also enjoyed hiking from HV de la Costa to Greenbelt with office-mates! It's a wonderful Saturday evening.

I would like to share some pictures here of the activity here.


Sheena said...

Red Box is one place to celebrate milestones in life. Though I've never been there, I learned about the place because of you.

When it comes to celebrations and parties, my family opt for nature-inspired venues, like resorts. Our last Christmas Party at Mount Sea Resorts in Cavite turned out to be memorable and jovial. It's one of the Cavite resorts, Philippines tourist spot that my cousins really loved. They enjoyed swimming there too!